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Yotel Launches Relaxation Video Series

NEW YORK—Mindfulness is the process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. This tends to be most important when a person is not surrounded by what they are used to or what is traditionally comfortable and convenient. Acknowledging the underlying goal for travelers to remain mindful on-the-go, YOTEL today announced its latest partnership with Mindfresh, a company which provides inspiration for thoughtful meditation in the modern workplace.

Beginning today, YOTEL guests will have access to a fun, quick, and instructional series showcasing how one can easily relax and unwind while away from home. Featured on a dedicated YOTEL television channel, the videos will allow guests to ‘wake-up,’ ‘motivate,’ and ‘unwind’ through a morning, afternoon, and evening routine, respectively. Each short video will include a series of movements or positions aimed to help the guest be more mindful, healthy, and ‘at home’ throughout their day.

The videos portray the brand’s ability to connect comfort, accessibility, playfulness, and efficiency into one. Just as each YOTEL cabin has everything a guest needs, but nothing they don’t, these short and interactive videos include everything a guest will need for an ideal wake-up, afternoon pick-me-up, and evening wind-down, but nothing extra to clutter their mind space.

Acknowledging the trend in travellers yearning to be more respectful and considerate of their body and mind while away from home, YOTEL aims to provide a fun and quirky solution to an increasingly common consumer pain point. Through a morning stretch sequence, guests can gently wake the body from sleep, preparing for the day ahead. By the time afternoon rolls around, many of us have been sitting for an extended period of time—the afternoon pick-me-up series of movements will help guests boost blood flow and tune up posture for increased productivity. After a demanding day, the evening routine will help guests to wind down before bed, releasing tension, and freeing the cluttered mind.

Free to watch in-cabin on a dedicated YOTEL television channel, the videos will also be available online http://www.yotel.com/mindfresh so that guests may access beyond their stay at their convenience. Travelers on the go will be able to access the Mindfresh videos from anywhere at any time through ‘Shaggy,’ YOTEL’s mobile app.