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WorldHotels Collection Reveals Brand Refresh

PHOENIX—WorldHotels Collection has revealed refreshed branding that includes new logos and updated mission and vision statements. The brand refresh comes as the company celebrates its 50th anniversary with the theme “A WORLD Reimagined.”

“Our 50th anniversary is a significant milestone, providing us with the ideal opportunity to lean into the resources at BWH Hotel Group and reimagine luxury hotel experiences,” comments David Kong, global president and CO. “WorldHotels has always been at the forefront of innovation, and this year we recognized a need to adapt our branding to align with the evolving digital and media landscape. I am thrilled to celebrate our 50th anniversary with the premiere of our refreshed branding, which will play a critical role in helping the brand and our hoteliers maintain a competitive edge, especially as we emerge from the pandemic.”

The brand invested in extensive research to gain a greater understanding of luxury and lifestyle travelers and their motivations for traveling post-pandemic. WorldHotels interviewed key stakeholders, conducted a global member survey, and identified the best way to evolve the brand. The refresh is designed to enhance WorldHotels’ brand storytelling and ensure each WorldHotels collection has its own identity and personality. This is achieved with the following changes:

  • Refreshed masterbrand logo: WorldHotels focused the refresh on reinforcing its logo and giving it a modern twist. This is achieved through a bolder font for “WorldHotels.”
  • New collection logos: WorldHotels wanted to change and give each collection its own identity and personality. WorldHotels now offers four wonderful collections to suit the needs of today’s travelers—luxury, elite, distinctive, and crafted. WorldHotels is committed to building a stronger soft brand that appeals to luxury and lifestyle travelers while attracting hotels for its global collections. As such, the brand logo refresh is giving each collection brand its own identity through distinctive color palettes, fonts, and signature collection border patterns. This will help clarify each collection while also enabling travelers to quickly identify the style of the hotel.

The brand has also updated its vision and mission statements. The mission statement reads, “To be the most trusted and intuitive partner with access to essential and extensive resources for a discerning global family of the finest curated independent hotels and resorts.” The mission statement reads, “To be stronger together by empowering our community of hoteliers, travel partners, and guests with expertise, passion, and collective goals to inspire unique, life-enriching experiences that connect people and places.”

“The refresh is not just about launching logos, but it is about evolving the brand’s identity with enhanced messaging, colors, layouts, and more,” added Gregory Habeeb, president, North America. “With these changes, we will gain new visibility and attention and modernize the company’s soft brand, all while playing in the ever-changing digital and media world. It is the perfect way to honor our 50 plus years of excellence as we celebrate our ‘A WORLD Reimagined’ 50th anniversary this year.”

Under the new branding, WorldHotels will leverage its over 50 years of industry leadership and expertise coupled with the unparalleled support and backing of BWH Hotel Group to achieve greater success in the years to come. WorldHotels will continue its focus on driving superior revenue to its hoteliers, expanding its portfolio of offerings in premier global destinations, and providing exceptional travel experiences to its guests.