Valor Hospitality Partners Integrates DailyPay

Hotel employee at the front desk

ATLANTA—Valor Hospitality Partners partnered with DailyPay to provide an on-demand pay benefit to its U.S. employees. DailyPay is a financial wellness benefit that enables employees to access their pay as they earn it to pay bills, spend, invest, and save on their own schedules. As employees work, they can also track how much they’ve earned in real time. This visibility into their up-to-date earnings allows them to make the best financial decisions.

As Valor continues to grow its portfolio of more than 25 hospitality projects in the United States, benefits like DailyPay allow the organization to expand its network of employees. Headquartered in Atlanta, Valor manages more than 95 projects globally.

“We are committed to a high standard of excellence in everything that we do as an organization,” said Craig Strickler, president of Americas for Valor Hospitality. “Utilizing DailyPay allows for us to extend that standard to each of our hotelitarians to ensure occupational, financial, and personal wellness.”

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