Three Ways Hospitality Hopefuls Can Make a Name for Themselves

Alexandra Walterspiel

Alexandra Walterspiel, CEO and co-founder of IMPRINT Hospitality, cites three ways that female hospitality hopefuls can make a name for themselves in the industry.

1Be true to who you are.

“I’ve been fortunate in my career in that I have worked with some great male mentors who regarded my gender as a non-issue, but I have also experienced gender discrimination firsthand. When faced with the dynamics of a ‘good old boys’ club—sadly, they do still exist—don’t try and become a good old boy, because you’re not.”

2Let your actions speak for themselves.

“Don’t be afraid or too humble to show what you’re capable of. You want your successes to be noticed.”


“Align yourself with strong female leaders, as well as strong male allies. Thankfully, we’re living in a time where there is more of a push to mentor young female leaders, build their confidence, and help them reach beyond what the industry once thought they were capable of.”

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