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STR: U.S. Weekly Hotel Performance Shows Mixed Year-Over-Year Comparisons

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—U.S. weekly hotel performance produced mixed year-over-year comparisons, according to STR’s latest data through May 13, 2023.

U.S. Hotel Performance

May 7-13, 2023

Percentage change from comparable week in 2022:
Occupancy: 65.1 percent (down 2.0 percent)
ADR: $154.90 (up 3.4 percent)
RevPAR: $100.81 (up 1.3 percent)

Worsened comparisons than the week prior were expected and normal given seasonal slowing and the negative side of the Mother’s Day calendar shift.

Among the Top 25 Markets, Philadelphia saw the only double-digit increase in occupancy (up 13.3 percent to 73.2 percent) as well as the highest jumps in ADR (up 14.5 percent to $189.50) and RevPAR (up 29.7 percent to $138.80).

Of note, New York City (83.7 percent) was the only major market to report occupancy above 80 percent. That level was up 3.9 percent year over year.

The steepest occupancy decline was reported in San Francisco/San Mateo (down 9.2 percent to 65.7 percent). Hotels in Miami reported the biggest declines in ADR (down 14.2 percent to $221.88) and RevPAR (down 20.9 percent to $153.71).

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