St. Regis Aspen Resort Presidential Suite

When the St. Regis Aspen Resort in Colorado embarked on a $40 million renovation, it enlisted Rottet Studio to conceptualize a quintessential mountain manor similar to what visionary founder John Jacob Astor would have designed during the Gilded Age for seasoned travelers. “We wanted it to be a design space that was representative of the Gilded Age, but at the same time, guests can come back to their rooms and feel like they’re coming home,” says Kyle Rottet, director of marketing for Rottet Studio. “It’s just very comfortable with lots of attention to detail and a connection to the outdoors.” As the final step in the project, the resort overhauled its three 2,000-square-foot presidential suites, complete with a master bedroom, a living room with a grand piano, a dining room, and, of course, mountain views.

The suite is outfitted with custom furnishings and fixtures, including the leather bed and desk, bedside tables, wall sconces, and bathroom vanities. “We try to make each hotel unique to its microclimate,” Rottet says. “We first look at what is the immediate area like, what are the smells, where do the people go, and what do they do, so each one is tailored, and we create a little story.”

With little budget for artwork, Rottet Studio took a creative approach to filling the blank canvas behind the bed. “We asked our family, friends, and coworkers to send us their favorite pictures of their dogs, and we commissioned a local artist in Houston to draw them,” Rottet says. “It was a fun little project.”

To reflect the seasons of Aspen, Rottet used a subtle mix of winter grays and summer warm tones. Large windows bring plenty of natural light into the space. “We tried to make the indoors and outdoors one,” he says. “We wanted to advertise the fact that this is Aspen, get out there and be active.”

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