Spoken Word: Voice Technology Does It for Guests

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In-room entertainment solutions are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Now, hotels are offering formerly out-of-reach technology like casting, streaming, and voice control for guests looking to customize their in-room entertainment experience. LODGING spoke with two hoteliers who incorporated the latter at their properties with Volara—Tony Klok, principal of Rebel Hospitality, and Rupesh Patel, president of Zenique Hotels. They each had a bit of advice for hoteliers looking to bring voice control into their guestroom entertainment offerings.

1Make it seamless.

“It takes a bit of effort to make sure the technology is functioning at all times, but it’s completely necessary. The last thing you want is for the guest to try to use the technology and for it not to work. That’s a much more negative experience than never offering the technology at all,” counsels Patel.

2Find the right partner.

“Look to partner with a company that already has voice technology in place, because it makes everything so much simpler,” Klok says. “You just have to pass along the parameters of what you want and they’ll help you build it.”

3It’s not for everyone.

Both Klok and Patel mention that voice technology isn’t what every guest is looking for. “Sometimes, guests will unplug the devices—and that’s fine! We’ll plug it back in when they leave,” Klok describes. “You don’t have to force this technology on your guests.”



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Kate Hughes, Editor, LODGING Magazine