Sophisticated Hotel Hacks Aimed at High-Value Guests

    A hacking group is using a combination of sophisticated methods and pedestrian techniques to conduct surgical strikes against targeted guests at luxury hotels, according to a report in Wired. The article cites an incident in which a guest at an unidentified five-star hotel in Asia was targeted by these attackers when he tried to sign into the property’s Wi-Fi network. Kaspersky Lab, the third-party company that manages the WiFi network of the hotel, concluded that the attackers uploaded their malware to the hotel’s server days before the guest’s arrival, then deleted it from the hotel network days after he left. The hacking group, which Kaspersky’s researchers refer to as DarkHotel, has been active for at least seven years. In addition to conducting surgical strikes, the attackers have been known to infect victims via spear-phishing attacks and P2P networks. The hotel hacks appear to be a new development in a campaign aimed at high-value targets, the article stated.

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