Six Ways Hoteliers Can Reenergize Their Breakfast Area

A great breakfast experience can help guests start their day on the right foot, and leave departing guests with a positive last impression of their hotel stay. Breakfast is one of the most sought-after hotel amenities by guests. In response, hotels have adapted and expanded breakfast offerings, keeping in line with customer preferences to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market. For hotels that are considering property renovations during this unexpected lull, a relatively cost-effective option can consist of updating their breakfast area. By taking time to renovate, hoteliers will be prepared to welcome back guests with a fresh new breakfast area.

Here are six areas for hoteliers to consider:


When guests head towards the breakfast area, they are expecting to grab their food in a matter of seconds. Enhance the dining experience with the proper breakfast supplies and equipment. Hoteliers should also take the time to perform quality assurance on equipment—are there any supplies that may be antiquated and in need of replacing (e.g., cooking equipment, beverage dispensers, buffet equipment, and cake and pastry displays). Now might be the time to upgrade existing equipment with newer models, or add additional appliances to the breakfast area, such as merchandisers or food warmers.

2Food Offerings

Waffle Depot Sign

Hotel breakfast options range from simple continental items to elaborate cooked-to-order entrées. In many hotels, both grab-and-go and dine-in breakfast options are offered. If looking to expand the breakfast menu, a great way to increase guest satisfaction is by showcasing locally-sourced food, such as eggs, milk, coffee, or yogurt. Alternatively, add cooking stations such as waffle and omelet makers to allow guests to create their own edible masterpieces. Ensure serving areas are clean and well-stocked by establishing a frequent maintenance schedule.

3Custom-Themed Breakfast Graphics

Breakfast Area Makeover

Visually dynamic and engaging breakfast graphics are a great way to capture the attention of guests. These signs can include wall and panel coverings, dimensional letters, and cooking station descriptors. Wallcoverings may cover the entire length of a wall, smaller vignettes, or be framed panels.

For certain hotel brands, corporate offices may require specific breakfast graphics. Hotel owners and operators can work with sign companies to create a breakfast graphic package that is unique to their brand guidelines.

4Food Labels

Counter Easel Sign

Breakfast food labels are a secondary visual aid for guiding hungry guests through the breakfast area. They identify each particular item and can even indicate which contains allergens or support calorie count information. Food labels can also be designed to be multilingual—especially useful for hotels that attract foreign tourists. Labels are typically available as self-adhesives or easel cards. Self-adhesive labels can be placed on most surfaces and objects, and are easily removable. Easel cards are also a flexible way to identify the location of food items and can easily be repositioned if items need to be moved within the breakfast area.

5Breakfast Hours

Breakfast hours

Hotels typically serve breakfast during established time periods. While fixed breakfast hours are necessary for smooth and efficient operations, they can come as a surprise for an unaware guest arriving too early or too late. Minimize confusion about dining hours by displaying signs listing breakfast hours. These signs are typically offered in both brand-specific and generic formats, allowing hoteliers to customize the sign with their hours.

6Interior Design and Amenities

Breakfast Area Makeover

Last but not least, think about the breakfast area’s overall interior design. If it has been a while since the room was last remodeled, consider new wall color, cabinetry, finishes, flooring, or updating worn or outdated furniture for the dining area. Is the breakfast area accessible? Make sure that there is an adequate amount of tables, with enough space between them for sufficient wheelchair turning space.

Maximizing the Breakfast Experience

Hotel owners and operators who are in a position to renovate will be well-prepared for when their operations return to normal. It’s all about creating an experience that guests will rave about to their colleagues, friends, and on social media. Whether making sure each food item has a label, giving the walls a new coat of paint to bring out the color or décor, or checking with brands to make sure all specific signage requirements have been followed—all these things help enhance the breakfast experience.


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