RLH Corporation Selects IDeaS Revenue Solutions To Optimize Revenue

RLH Corporation - IDeaS Revenue Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS—RLH Corporation is working with IDeaS Revenue Solutions to optimize revenue. The company plans to align its revenue management, pricing, and yielding insights with marketing and sales to create a more powerful overarching commercial strategy using IDeaS.

The IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) is designed to automate pricing and inventory control across room types, properties, and portfolios. By tapping into SAS analytics, artificial intelligence, and deep machine-learning, IDeaS G3 RMS frees revenue managers from tactical duties, enabling them to be more strategic about growing revenue. This strategy aims to result in better pricing decisions and greater revenue over time.

“We need to blow up this idea that using legacy technology systems and following the status quo is ‘good enough.’ We wanted a business solution that looks beyond what others are doing currently in the revenue management space,” Calvin Anderson, chief of revenue optimization, RLH Corporation, said. “IDeaS automates pricing down to the individual rate code and room type, instead of centering all pricing around a single retail or BAR price point. This level of detail is crucial because true commercial optimization must consider a multiplicity of demand variables and respond to each accordingly. This level of adaptability and granularity gives us a more acute, real-time understanding of changing demand.”


“At IDeaS, we’re helping RLH Corporation transform its complete approach to revenue management, but what’s more important is that our visions for the future of this industry are so strongly aligned,” said Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, co-founder and president, IDeaS. “We have the right approach and capabilities to help RLH Corporation create an even more strategic, aligned culture, and we look forward to making this journey together a successful one.”