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UpStay Expands to the North American Market

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL and NEW YORK — UpStay, a provider of ancillary upselling technology solutions for the hotel industry, announced the expansion of its...

Stayntouch Announces a Partnership With Main Street Hospitality

BETHESDA, Maryland—Stayntouch announced a partnership with Main Street Hospitality, delivering its flagship mobile PMS across seven properties in the New England area. Main Street Hospitality...

What Do Prospecting and Escape Rooms Have in Common?

Whether online or in-person, the goal of Escape Rooms is to unlock each room to move onto the next level. Doing so correctly will...
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Duetto: Automation and Integration Are Key Hotel Tech Requirements

SAN FRANCISCO—The digitization of the hospitality industry has been underway for decades, but the past two years have accelerated tech adoption in hotels across...
Data analysis - Revenue management

The Growth Mindset: Three Tips for New Revenue Managers

Finding the right revenue manager to match a hotel’s organization requires more than a strong knowledge of the inner workings of the hospitality industry;...