Conferences and EventsAAHOACONRed Roof Supports COVID Relief Efforts in Gujarat, India

Red Roof Supports COVID Relief Efforts in Gujarat, India

At the 2021 AAHOA Convention & Trade Show, Red Roof leaders presented representatives from Leuva Patidar Samaj of USA (LPS) with a donation to support the Leuva Patidar Samaj of USA COVID Relief India Project 2021, supporting hospitals in Gujarat province, India, which have been impacted by the COVID pandemic. Red Roof launched the “Sprint to AAHOACON” fundraising drive in the month of July, committing to donating $10,000 to seed the campaign and encouraging its franchise partners, vendors, and the industry to support LPS’ efforts as well.

At the check presentation on the AAHOA Trade Show floor, Nancy Patel, president of the LPS of USA Board and a leader in the Red Roof Franchise community, said that Red Roof has supported LPS for over a decade and that the funds raised in this campaign helped to secure oxygen plants, medical equipment, and supplies to those who have been admitted to hospitals in Gujarat province. “That will help save thousands of lives,” Patel said.

LPS of USA is a nonprofit religious, cultural, and non-political organization established to provide a forum for meeting, facilitating, and encouraging religious observance, sharing ideas, providing cultural programs, and endeavoring towards community advancement. The organization aims to provide, promote, and celebrate religion, culture, and education among Surti Leuva Patidars and their future generations.

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