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New Hospitality Technology Helps Hotels Prepare for Guests

As hoteliers prepare their properties for guests’ return, new technology is coming online to support a cleaner, safer future. From contactless guest experiences to AI-powered solutions for tracking compliance with new guidelines, hospitality technology companies are stepping up to help hotels improve operations and encourage guests to feel comfortable traveling again.

Akia’s AI-Enabled Saas 

Startup Akia recently secured a new round of funding from GSR Ventures to accelerate and expand its AI-enabled SaaS platform, which allows hotels to provide guests with contactless options such as pre-arrival check-in and moves in-person guest communication to text messaging, further reducing contact between guests and employees.

Antibacterial Films for Touchscreens — Crystal Display Systems

Crystal Display Systems recently announced that it has investigated applying a surface finish containing a silver nanoparticle coating, which is known for its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes, onto touchscreens. The coating is available for surface application by glass manufacturers and via upgrades on existing touchscreens or monitors.

Bridging the Gap Between Voice and Text — Routier and Volara

Routier, which connects guests to staff via text messaging, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, and other channels, has joined Volara’s voice integration hub. Guests can speak requests to smart speakers with voice assistants powered by Volara and receive replies and updates via Routier’s MessageHub, bridging the gap between voice and text.

Contactless Massage Treatment — Hyperice

Hyperice, a company specializing in wellness technology, is pairing its percussion technology with recently-acquired NormaTec’s pneumatic compression technology to create a touch-free massage experience for spas in the hospitality industry. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is planning to launch the new Hyperice Contactless Treatments across several of its spas.

HealthySpaces AI — Nomad Go

Nomad Go recently launched its AI-based HealthySpaces to make hotels, among other environments, a safer place for everyone. The system provides real-time information on air quality, mask usage, social distancing, and space occupancy, helping businesses track compliance through alerts and screen messages. HealthySpaces can also be integrated into apps for employee scheduling and planning.

IDeaS and SIHOT Data Integration

IDeaS has partnered with SIHOT, combining IDeaS’ revenue management solution and SIHOT’s property management software to help the hospitality industry to accurately forecast business demand, maximize occupancy and ADR, and increase overall operational effectiveness through automated pricing decisions.

Tracking Housekeeping — TraknProtect

TraknProtect recently launched TraknKleen, a new IoT technology solution to enhance housekeeping operations in hotels. TraknKleen uses data from housekeeping carts, I.D. cards, cleaning supplies, and other sources to automatically track the date, time, and duration of the cleaning process for guestrooms and public areas, and helping hotels assess and confirm compliance.

Zero-Touch Time Clock — UniFocus

Labor management software company UniFocus has introduced new technology to protect guests as well as employees. The new time clock allows employees to clock in and out without exposing themselves to germs by using photo identification alongside individually assigned ID cards that can also be swiped without any physical contact. For properties that don’t use ID cards, UniFocus is implementing styluses to keep contact at a minimum.


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Lara Becker
Lara Becker
Lara Becker is a LODGING Magazine Summer 2020 intern.