Motel 6: 57 Percent of Travelers Will Stack Trips This Winter

DALLA—New data from Motel 6 shows nearly three in five (57 percent) travelers plan to “trip-stack” this winter by adding another destination or trip directly following or leading up to their existing travel plans.

This year’s holiday survey, Motel 6’s fifth annual, included 2,000 respondents with travel plans. The survey found those planning to “trip-stack” say they are choosing to do so because the holidays are the only time when friends and family are available to travel (67 percent). When it comes to travel, over half (52 percent) of respondents plan to cross an average of three state lines and plan to stay at a hotel or motel (46 percent) for their trips.

“The holidays are a great time to bring back favorite activities or to try entirely new experiences alongside loved ones,” said Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6. “With so many travelers adding stops throughout their holiday trips this year and exploring new activities and experiences, we look forward to being a comfortable spot to rest along the way—no matter where your travels take you.”

Even though almost three-quarters (71 percent) of travelers report they’re more likely to try a new activity during a winter vacation than summer, respondents admitted they’ve never partaken in classic winter activities such as building a snowman (33 percent) or engaging in snowball fights (30 percent). This could be because out of the quarter (25 percent) of respondents who don’t regularly experience snow where they live, over half (54 percent) have never seen snow at all. But, regardless of their typical weather forecast, nearly three in four (72 percent) hope to see snow during the holidays.

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