Mews Kiosk Updates to Next-Generation Software

Self checkout kiosk - lobby retail

NEW YORK—Mews announced its next-generation kiosk solution for hotels. The kiosk can be used for check-in and check-out by guests or by staff. The new Kiosk has been upgraded for speed in terms of its build and functionality and enables hotels to upsell products and services during the check-in process. Used in economy, midscale, and luxury properties, guests can choose to check-in how they want. Guests can search for their reservation using their last name only using Mews Kiosk and cut their room keys by following the on-screen guidance.

This has contributed to an average check-in time of just over two minutes, a minute faster than the previous version. For properties using the Mews Kiosk, the proportion of guests using it to check in has risen.

Hotels can experience cohesive branding and opportunities. For instance, properties can curate their Kiosk imager. A customizable screensaver allows hotels to play branded videos when the kiosks aren’t in use, which lets hotels promote services and upgrades. These upsells can be purchased during the kiosk check-in process.

If a guest arrives before check-in time, they can still use the kiosk if there is a room available and choose to check in early.


Matt Welle, CEO of Mews, said “We’ve completely overhauled [Mew Kiosk’s] user interface…It’s now easier to find bookings, offer early check-in options, and upsell services and products to guests, making a tangible difference to bottom lines and staff productivity.”

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