Inside Atlanta’s Kimpton Sylvan Hotel

Kimpton Sylvan Hotel

In the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Kimpton Sylvan Hotel recently opened its doors. The name, “Sylvan,” derives from the Latin term “silva,” meaning “forest.” This natural inspiration can be seen throughout the property, which uses plant life and the color green to visually link the individual spaces of the hotel.

The 217 guestrooms have simple yet chic designs, with linework and a variety of textures meant to make each room feel both welcoming and sophisticated. There are also unique common areas like the Magnolia Hospitality Suite, which fits up to 50 guests and has poolside access. Both the guestrooms and public spaces feature artwork curated in partnership with Soho Myriad Art Consulting, and featured work includes both contemporary and vintage pieces created by both local and global artists.

The Betty, a food and beverage outlet designed after a midcentury supper club with rotating dishes, opened with the property. The property will also open Willow Bar, an outdoor garden bar, and St. Julep, a rooftop bar and restaurant, later this spring. All three food and beverage outlets have their own design and menus, but are informally connected to each other and the rest of the space.

The lobby at Kimpton Sylvan Hotel is was conceptualized as a living room, featuring a large marble fireplace and glass windows leading to the garden. In addition, the property features a private pool and ample meeting and event space for hosting both weddings and corporate events. And because the property was previously a luxury community building, spaces for a fitness center, pet services, and laundry and dry cleaning fell naturally into the adaptive reuse project.


Portman Holdings was developer for the property, which opened in February.


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