IHG Partners With Healthe To Pilot Circadian Lighting in Guestrooms

IHG and Healthe's circadian lighting

IHG has partnered with Healthe by Lighting Science to pilot the use of circadian lighting to help guests sleep better while traveling.

Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport will be the first IHG property to install the JOURNI Mobile Task Light in guestrooms. Designed using Healthe’s patented GoodDay and GoodNight spectrum technologies, JOURNI allows access to the alertness and focus-enhancing spectrum during the day, and then changes to the warm, sleep-enhancing spectrum at night. This versatile, dual-spectrum luminaire is designed to bring energy-efficient, circadian lighting into the hotel room. JOURNI aims to help regulate the body’s circadian rhythm or 24-hour internal body clock, which effects biological functions such as sleep, hormone levels, body temperature, and metabolism.

IHG already has lighting and sleep-enhancing programs in place across its brands. For instance, EVEN Hotels provides lighting profiles that allow guests to change the color of the lighting in their rooms to blue, red, green, or yellow to either energize or relax.


“At IHG, we want to make sure our guests are getting the best night’s sleep possible across our 5,600 hotels and portfolio of more than 15 brands,” said Brian McGuinness, senior vice president of global guest experience shared services, IHG. “We are continually testing ways we can enhance the guest experience, loyalty, and, ultimately, owner value. Our circadian lighting technology pilot is the latest example of the work we are doing to innovate the guest experience. We’re excited to be the first hotel company to pilot Healthe’s JOURNI product and are already working on what’s coming next.”