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sustainability trends

IHG Hotels & Resorts Release Sustainability Trends for 2022

The bar counter can be found worldwide and while each one differs by design, locale, menu, and culture, its purpose is universal—the easy flow...
David Stoup, chairman, Trilogy Spa Holdings, and Cheryl Sott, founder and CEO, Trinity Spa Advisors

Inside Trilogy Spa Holdings’ Purchase of Spa Asset Management Firm Trinity Spa Advisors

Trilogy Spa Holdings, a boutique spa management firm focused on “four and five-star” hospitality markets, recently announced its purchase of Trinity Spa Advisors, a...
Wellness tourism

Wellness Tourism Association Survey Finds What’s Important to Wellness-Minded Travelers

Just under 2,500 consumers from 52 countries and territories took part in the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) 2021 Wellness Travel Consumer Survey to help...

Peloton Closes Precor Acquisition and Expands Hospitality Offerings

Since 2019, Peloton Members have used Peloton’s Hotel Finder to search for properties outfitted with Peloton Bikes in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom,...

Nutrition and Taste: F&B Factors Consumers Care About Today

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted many to reflect on the importance of their health and wellbeing. In the travel sector, guests are returning to hotels...