TechnologyHospitality Tech News: Partnerships, Funding, and Updates

Hospitality Tech News: Partnerships, Funding, and Updates

Hospitality technology companies are responding to today’s challenging environment by adapting their solutions and launching new integrations to help hotel businesses improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. Below are five recent announcements of new hospitality technology partnerships, integrations, product updates, and more.

Beekeeper Closes $10 Million Series B Extension

Beekeeper, a communication and operations platform designed for frontline workers, recently announced a $10 million extension on the company’s series B round, raising the total to $60 million. Chicago-based Energize Ventures led the extension, with investment from HighSage Ventures, SwissCanto, Thayer, Swisscom, Investiere, Alpana Ventures, and Swiss Post. Beekeeper is using the additional funding to expand its cloud marketplace for apps, solutions, and integrations, and has announced Beekeeper 2.0. The updated product creates a single point of contact for people, processes, and systems, and includes automated translations into more than 100 languages, digital forms and workflows, custom FAQ chatbots to answer questions, and integrations with SharePoint to make essential work information available immediately.

M3 and Avero Expand Cloud-Based Accounting Services to F&B

M3, a cloud-based financial and data management platform, and Avero, a restaurant revenue management software company, have launched a partnership to expand cloud-based accounting services to the food and beverage industry. M3 users will be able to use Avero’s F&B integrations and revenue management software to engineer menus, reduce food costs and waste, and improve server performance. M3 customers will also have the ability to integrate with more than 50 F&B POS platforms.

Maestro PMS and SilverWare POS: In-Seat Contactless Platform

Longtime integration partners Maestro PMS and SilverWare POS are unveiling a new mobile tableside ordering and payment platform this month. Through the In-Seat Contactless Platform, guests can scan a QR code to upload a digital menu, order meals, split the check, add a tip, and pay using personal mobile devices or by charging a guest’s hotel room. On the back end, managers can view and track guest spend, identify meal preferences, load and redeem gift cards, apply discounts, and manage loyalty points with no additional hardware or mobile app required. The companies will be showcasing the new platform—which will be available at no cost to Silverware POS subscription customers through 2020—during two webinars on July 21 and 22.

React Mobile Updates Dispatch Center 

React Mobile, provider of panic button solutions to hotels, has recently updated its Dispatch Center to give response teams real-time access to emergency alerts on any browser. This new customer portal provides remote access and administrative control of the cloud-based safety platform from anywhere. The Dispatch Center dashboard displays a map of the property and locates where panic buttons are engaged via Bluetooth beacons or a built-in GPS on cellular and smartphone devices. Dispatch Center features include configuring a hotel’s response team and notification lists, monitoring beacons and buttons for connectivity and battery life, issuing alerts and updating responders in real-time, and tracking and logging alert history.

RMS Cloud and Pace Partner to Optimize Revenue

RMS Cloud, a property management system for hotels, serviced apartments, resorts, and holiday parks, is integrating with Pace, a revenue optimization platform. Pace’s automated system continuously explores opportunities to push rates higher and maximize property revenue. Pace users can build their dashboards to facilitate data-driven decisions and create visualizations that convey strategies to stakeholders.


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Lara Becker
Lara Becker
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