Guest ExperienceGame On: Using In-Room Amenities for Memorable Guest Experiences

Game On: Using In-Room Amenities for Memorable Guest Experiences

The pandemic was a catalyst for the disruption of many markets, the hotel industry included. U.S. travelers are not only eager to travel, but they’re actively seeking it out, from family trips to romantic getaways. With ample options available to consumers, hoteliers must raise the stakes to maintain a competitive edge with amenities in hopes of attracting guests. Eccentric offerings curate a memorable stay for guests with the potential for further promotion by being featured on guests’ personal social media and other avenues of sharing with friends.

The emergence of memorable amenities will only continue to expand over time as it’s become evident traditional amenities are no longer enough to create a stand-out experience. As guests’ expectations have shifted, so has the hotel industry toward offering exclusive or limited services as a method to entice guests. While every hotel has different needs and clientele, here are some widely applicable in-room guest offerings:

A board game selection

Offering in-room board games provides travelers an indoor activity to connect or occupy the kids while the parents relax. In addition, they can provide families and guests the option to take the game home for an additional charge as an extra keepsake of their trip. Either way, those who decide to play will have the opportunity to make memories and connect without ever having to leave their room. Those memories will forever be attached to their stay. Hotels can take it a step further and offer a branded version of their chosen game in each room.

Access to streaming services

There is no bigger hassle than crawling into bed to watch TV and having to log in to a streaming service. Not only may it be an inconvenience to guests, but it could also deter them from using the amenity of concerns about the security of their personal information. While this amenity is very straightforward, it’s an added value many guests may appreciate and provides the opportunity to take advantage of having access to platforms they normally wouldn’t.

Complimentary movies, books, and theater snacks

Complimentary movies, books, and theater snacks could be delivered to the room upon request or stored in the room for easy access. Start stocking books and movies with a few for each demographic, some set in the town where the hotel is based, or some of the staff’s personal favorites.

Gym equipment and free guided workout videos

For some hotel goers, having the option to work out in the comfort of their own room is a priceless perk. The inclusion of workout equipment and videos is usable for fitness-focused guests.

Whether the in-room amenity nods to the local culture or encourages guests to spend quality time together, going above and beyond to provide the unexpected can entice guests. The hospitality industry has entered new competitive sets as consumer behaviors continue to evolve. Now is the time to exceed expectations to make lasting and exciting experiences for guests.

Kerry Addis
Kerry Addis
Kerry Addis is co-owner and VP of Product Development at WS Game Company. Kerry tackles the creative process from start to finish for WS Game Company’s growing product portfolio. She combines nearly two decades of experience in graphic and industrial design with a lifelong passion for games to bring products to life.