Five Hospitality Lighting Trends

It’s a transitional period for lighting trends in the hospitality industry and hotels are searching for more efficient and cost-effective lighting options. Hubbell Lighting Inc.’s National Account Manager, Jeff Moreau, and Outdoor Living Brands, Inc.’s Director of Field Operations, Jim Morris, cite some recent lighting trends influencing hospitality design.

1. Well-Lit Outdoor Areas
“Hoteliers should consider installing LEDs on every light pole in outdoor spaces. It’s better technology, using only two-thirds of the energy of other lighting options, and it’s very bright. In outside spaces, safety is everything and brightness helps,” says Jeff Moreau.

2. Mixed Exterior LED Colors
“If you’re in a high-density, urban market and you’ve got hotel after hotel, what’s going to draw a guest to want to stay at your property? Something dramatic on the outside,” explains Moreau.

3. Green Lighting
“Many properties are becoming green all-stars by both switching to LED and installing solar panels. These trends not only help keep costs down, but also give the hotel sustainability points,” says Jim Morris.


4. High Ceiling Fixtures
“These offer fantastic visuals in the lobby or entrance of a hotel, as well as contribute to light levels so that everything is bright enough for the guests,” says Moreau.

5. Cylinder Lights
“These are very dramatic, and as hotels become more provocative in their lighting, they’re going to be incorporating more mounted and pendant cylinder lights, ” says Moreau.

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Robin McLaughlin is digital editor of LODGING.


  1. Where do you see the trends moving towards within the next 5 year or so? It seems many of these will be here for the long term, but curious on your insights. Thanks for sharing.

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