Dream Downtown’s $1 Million Duplex Suite Transformation

In February, Dream Downtown debuted the $1 million transformation of its GuestHouse, a 2,500-square-foot duplex suite set atop the hotel’s south tower in New York City. The new look, orchestrated by Josh Held Design, features modern, maximalist interiors that mix circular patterns and textures with clean lines to emulate the hotel’s porthole facade. Prior to the renovation, the suite had standard-style rooms with no kitchen or extra closet space. The hotel wanted to appeal to higher-end customers who would feel comfortable staying for weeks or months at a time. The design firm combined three room bays to create a sprawling living room, a master bedroom, and a walk-in closet with a custom vanity and a champagne bar. “When creating the narrative, the design team asked, ‘What would Batman, James Bond, and Rihanna all want in one design,’” says Founder and President Josh Held. “Everything is meant to have a playful air of transformability and gadgetry without being cliché.”

Full Circle
Josh Held Design echoed the circular rhythm of the building throughout the suite, such as the glass bottom of the hot tub and the geometric pattern of the Venetian plaster ceiling. “The ceiling was super elaborate in construction,” Held says. “And the orbs are lined with LED lights that can be programmed from a wall panel or an iPad. You can have a crazy light show up there.”

Knock on Wood
The kitchenette, complete with a sink and refrigerator, has a striking table made from an approximately 150-year-old petrified log that weighs 1,400 pounds. “It’s a significant piece unto itself that floats off the wall,” he says. “It’s an organic piece, but it’s harder than stone.”

Hot Tub Party
Two spiral staircases lead to the garden terrace, which features a glass-bottom Jacuzzi that can be seen from the living room below. “It was a significant undertaking to get it in there,” Held says. “The day they were installing it, we had to shut down 16th Street and crane it up the side of the building.”

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  1. Sorry guys, I hope this looks better than it sounds. I love outside the box thinking, but the view of feet and butts in a Jacuzzi tub from underneath sounds disgusting.

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