40+ Management Companies to Know in 2021

What hoteliers need to know before putting their 
properties in the hands of a professional manager

To say that things have changed for the hotel industry since the last time LODGING published a spotlight on management companies is a gross understatement. In April of last year, occupancies plummeted to previously unseen lows and the industry has been slow to rebound. There’s hope on the horizon, though. CBRE Hotels Research recently reported that it is forecasting an average national occupancy level of 43 percent during the first half of 2021, which then accelerates to 55.1 percent in the second half of the year. Now, hoteliers are tasked with leaving behind the survival mindset that they’ve had to embrace over the past year in favor of a recovery mindset. Switching gears after spending so long focused on survival might take some time, and hoteliers may be looking for assistance in moving their properties past the pandemic—that’s when a hotelier may choose to partner with a third-party manager.

Editor’s note: The following list is in alphabetical order.


Sandpiper Hospitality

WoodSpring Suites Charlotte, N.C.
WoodSpring Suites Charlotte, N.C.

Sandpiper Hospitality manages 44 hotels, including 15 hotels for Sandpiper Lodging Trust and 16 hotels for unaffiliated third-party clients. Sandpiper Hospitality is dedicated to its team members and its owners, and it values its approach to finding solutions in an agile, accountable, and entrepreneurial manner. Sandpiper Hospitality focuses on short-term growth with long-term results. Primarily in the extended-stay segment, Sandpiper Hospitality provides elevation and flexibility for its owners.

Rooms Managed 5,042
Properties Managed 44
Third-Party Rooms 1,632
Third-Party Properties 16
Revenue $66,469,638
Contact Jim Darter, jdarter@sandpiper.us.com
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