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A growing number of travel companies, such as Westin and HomeAway, are taking an atypical approach to marketing by acknowledging the disruption that vacations or business trips can bring to people’s everyday routines. The tactic can make a brand seem more credible. Read more here.

U.S. hoteliers are seeing a decline in bookings from European travelers in 2017. Possible reasons for the change could include economic uncertainty in Europe, in addition to a U.S. president who is unpopular with some European countries. Read more here.

Amid Airbnb’s robust supply growth, hotels have largely maintained compression nights and rate growth, new research from STR shows. While Airbnb and hotel occupancy were generally highest in the same markets, hotels achieved significantly higher occupancy levels. For more findings, click here.

At the 24th Annual Hotel General Managers’ Conference this week, British hoteliers discussed the issues that come with Brexit for the U.K. hotel industry. Many are concerned about the increased cost of supplies, such as food and beverage, and the ability to hire and retain staff. For more information, click here.

Prices of hotel rooms in Washington, D.C., are 927 percent higher than usual for the week of the ceremony, reports Trivago. The average is now $2,071 per night for a standard double room. For more information, click here.

Nearly all of the world’s major travel destinations are currently outpacing last year’s hotel bookings, according to Tourico Holidays’s 2017 Global Hotel Trends Report. The total number of room nights booked grew by 28.7 worldwide. Read more here.

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