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November 2021

STR: U.S. Hotel Performance Increased Slightly

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—U.S. hotel performance increased slightly from the previous week, according to STR‘s latest data through November 6, 2021. U.S. Hotel Performance October 31-November 6, 2021 Percentage...
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STR: September Labor Spending Lowers GOP for U.S. Hotels

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Increased spending on labor created lower gross operating profit for U.S. hotels, according to STR's September 2021 monthly P&L data release. Estimated labor costs...
October 2021

STR: U.S. Hotel Performance Rises to Summer Levels

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—Impacted by the Columbus Day holiday weekend, U.S. hotel performance reached levels similar to those of late summer, according to STR's latest data...
August 2021

STR: U.S. Hotel Performance Continues to Decline

HENDERSONVILLE, Tennessee—According to STR's latest data through August 28, 2021, U.S. hotel performance continues to decline from previous weeks. U.S Hotel Performance August 22-28, 2021 percentage change...

STR: July 2021 U.S. Hotel GOP Level Surpassed 2019 Comparable

BROOMFIELD, Colorado—Estimated U.S. hotel gross operating profit for July 2021 came in at 111 percent of the 2019 comparable, according to STR's latest monthly...