Thoughtful Hotel Guestroom Closets in the Revenge Travel Era

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After over a year and a half of pent-up travel demand, guests might return to hotels with higher expectations than before the pandemic. And hoteliers shouldn’t miss any of the opportunities to stand out from the competition.

Today’s travelers want thoughtful spaces, and in a post-COVID world, travelers might want to take longer trips. And with the trend of a home-away-from-home aesthetic continuing, hoteliers can look toward their guestroom closets as a more thoughtful way to increase guest comfort.

The closet is often an overlooked and undervalued space in hotel guestroom design. However, when done right, this small space can lead to a big impact in making guests feel welcomed and comfortable. After all, the first thing many travelers do on arrival to their guestroom is unpack their luggage, meaning the closet becomes one of the first opportunities to impress guests.

There are several benefits of a well-thought closet system that hoteliers should keep in mind as travel makes a comeback. Ample storage space can be an attractive decision-making factor for guests during the booking process and make a considerable difference in the way that the hotel room functions.

Space Optimization

A customized closet system will make efficient use of the limited space available inside a guestroom. When hoteliers take advantage of offering a professionally designed closet system, they can turn otherwise wasted space—long hallways, slanted ceilings, and awkward corners—into areas that guests will remember. For instance, an empty wall can transform into a functional storage space with an adjustable shelving and hang rod system. There are countless ways to mix and match organizational products to fit the needs of the space.


With a variety of different finishes and accessories available for closet systems, hoteliers can inject personality into their guestroom closets. From installing special touches like a shoe rack to selecting a pop of color for the shelves, the closet becomes a personalized extension of the hotel’s brand.

The design of the guestroom closet can also be further customized to reflect its location and surrounding area. A luxury hotel in the mountains of North Carolina may opt for a premium wood system in a natural finish with high-end accessories, while a business-centered hotel in bustling New York City may turn to a modern adjustable system with an innovative bracket design.


When choosing a closet system for hotels, the best designs are adjustable, meaning that shelves, drawers, hang rods, and other closet accessories can be reconfigured. This gives hoteliers a sense of control and added peace of mind while ensuring that the closet system will last and accommodate any changing needs in the future.

Likewise, with an adjustable closet system, there is a range of accessories that bolster the user experience. For business and leisure travelers alike, this includes items like tie rods, belt racks, pants organizers, and valet rods. Additionally, travelers might appreciate added touches like a jewelry tray, sliding mirror, and scarf rack, as well as other options that are made possible with the flexibility of custom space.

As travelers head out on their much-anticipated vacations in the year ahead, a well-thought closet will go a long way in creating a lasting impression. Not only will it add value to the hotel room, but hoteliers can turn the closet into the first invitation for guests to settle in and relax.

About the Author

Brian Dougherty is ClosetMaid’s vice president of sales—building division.

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Brian Dougherty is the vice president of sales—building division at ClosetMaid. Founded in 1965, ClosetMaid manufactures closet and storage systems.