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Episode 7: How Hoteliers Can Cut Costs During COVID-19

This episode of LODGING On Demand examines what hoteliers can do to cut costs during the COVID-19 crisis. LODGING Editor Kate Hughes speaks with...
Hotels for Hope

Hotels to Support First Responders and Provide Housing Through Industry-Wide Initiative

WASHINGTON β€” In an effort to support communities across the country during this unprecedented public health crisis, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)...
man on phone

Five Ways Hotels Can Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a powerful tool for hospitality marketing. Hotels can use Instagram to create a buzz of engagement around their brand, location, and...

Online Hotel Closings: Moving From Promise to Practice

From property search through document negotiation, just about every aspect of a modern commercial real estate deal, including hotels, is now conducted electronically and...
Streaming TV

The Streaming Companies That Are Changing How Guests Consume Media in Hotels

It’s probably fair to say that Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have completely changed the way most people consume media. Hulu recently announced...