The Power of Purchasing

From designing high-tech, social lobbies to purchasing eco-friendly and sustainable products, hotel brands are finding smart ways to stand out from the competition and attract today’s travelers.

When it comes to supply chain management, many hotel properties turn to outsourcing partners who can ensure quality, safety, and accuracy, as well as competitive pricing. “A procurement service provider has the bandwidth and local supplier contracts to minimize the challenges and costs of purchasing and transportation to deliver an authentic, fresh and regionally unique experience,” says Chip McIntyre, senior vice president of strategic sourcing for Avendra.

As hotel companies evolve their sustainable business strategies, responsible sourcing has become an important investment. Brands are collaborating with suppliers to reduce waste, conserve energy and water, and incorporate more eco-friendly products.

McIntyre says there are innovations in biodegradable products that break down better than other disposables in traditional landfills. Recycled content is also becoming more prominent for a variety of products. “As demand increases for these products, it will drive efficiencies within the recycling industry, which will increase supply and drive down costs in this area.”


Reducing the use of chemicals has also become an option, McIntyre says. For example, hotels can purchase products with reduced resin content, which replace a significant percentage of the petroleum-based resin with an inert mineral or plant-based starch. This reduces the carbon imprint of plastic manufacturing without diminishing the product’s ability to be recycled. “A supply chain partner should offer a variety of eco-friendly products that have been vetted to make sure they deliver the true and genuine claims for green certification,” he says.

The latest trends not only affect the types of products hotels purchase, but also from whom they are sourced, McIntyre says. “Sophisticated and holistic supply chain service companies have emerged in the past decade handling everything from contract negotiation and compliance to strategic planning and price audits,” he adds.

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Kate Hughes, Editor, LODGING Magazine