TechnologyHotel Tech Solutions Aim to Enhance Health, Safety, and Social Distancing

Hotel Tech Solutions Aim to Enhance Health, Safety, and Social Distancing

As hotels adapt to the new reality of COVID-19, technology is becoming increasingly important for shifting the ways in which properties operate. By enhancing hygiene practices, facilitating social distancing, and enabling contactless interactions, these solutions are designed to help hotels protect the health and safety of their guests and employees. Below are some of the latest solutions that have entered the market.

Sanitization and Health Check Products

Almo Hospitality recently announced the availability of new products designed to maintain a safe and sanitized environment for hotel guests. These products include the Mimo Monitor Temperature Taking Bundle, an enterprise-grade touchless temperature-taking bundle that includes a tablet, CMS, analytics, and temperature-sensing software; the Hanover Disinfectant Fogger Kit, a disinfectant handheld fogger kit that includes a training video and signage; and the RCSTARS Digital Signage and Hand Sanitizer Kiosk.

Touchless Beverage Dispenser

Tech startup Bevi offers a variety of smart water coolers with still and sparkling flavors for commercial spaces. The company recently announced a new touchless dispensing feature to allow people to dispense beverages using a smartphone. Through the touchless feature, users can scan a QR code and a replicated machine dispense screen will appear on their phone. From there, they can explore ingredients and select from customization options, including still or sparkling water, flavor choice, and flavor strength.

Health Check Kiosk

CyberLink, creator of AI and facial recognition technologies, and Municipal Parking Services (MPS) recently announced a partnership to integrate CyberLink’s FaceMe software into MPS’ Sentry Health Kiosks, creating touchless kiosks that can verify individuals’ identity, detect whether they are wearing a mask properly, identify someone with a high temperature, and recognize gesture-based responses, like head nodding or shaking, to answer health questions.

Transparent OLED Touchscreen

LG Business Solutions USA has introduced the 55-inch LG Transparent OLED Touch Display, which can help facilitate contactless check-in in hotel lobbies, helping hotels to enforce social distancing. It can also be used as an engaging alternative to plexiglass between tables and lounge areas. The display is built with tempered, anti-reflective, shatter-resistant front glass to protect it for commercial use. Content can be seen at wide viewing angles to blend naturally into the display’s surroundings.

Luggage Shipping 

LugLess is working with several hotels to offer its luggage shipping service to guests. The service allows travelers to avoid crowds and spend less time in airports by skipping the process of checking luggage and eliminating the need to wait for their belongings at baggage claims. While demand for flights has declined drastically, the company says that as air travel begins to slowly rebound, it is seeing a significant increase in the number of travelers opting to ship their luggage directly to their final destination.

Contactless Tableside Ordering and Payment

Integration partners Maestro PMS and SilverWare POS are unveiling a mobile tableside ordering and payment platform this month. Through the In-Seat Contactless Platform, guests can scan a QR code to upload a digital menu, order meals, split the check, add a tip, and pay using personal mobile devices or by charging a guest’s hotel room. On the back end, managers can view and track guest spend, identify meal preferences, load and redeem gift cards, apply discounts, and manage loyalty points with no additional hardware or mobile app required.

Automated Guest Requests

Routier and Knowcross announced a strategic partnership to streamline and automate the guest communication and request process while minimizing physical contact between guests and staff. The integration of Routier’s AI-driven communications platform, MessageHub, with Knowcross’ KNOW Service, a guest request management and maintenance tracking platform, allows guests to remotely communicate with hotel staff and make requests without the need to download an app.

Lara Becker
Lara Becker
Lara Becker is a LODGING Magazine Summer 2020 intern.