Supply Line: Eight F&B Products

Essential product knowledge for the hospitality industry.

1Chill Out

Natura Carbonated Foodservice

The Natura 24/Aquarius 1.80 system dispenses chilled sparkling or still water, as well as room temperature still water. With a three-step filtration process, Natura gets rid of chlorine and pollutants completely while serving water three times faster than a bar gun. The Natura D4/Aquarius 1.8 eliminates the need for pre-filling water decanters, frees wait and bar staff from dispensing water, and creates refrigerator space previously taken up by water needing to be chilled.

2Easy Apples

Oregon Fruit Sundae Apple Crumble

Oregon Fruit Products has extended its award-winning ‘Fruit in Hand’ line with Harvest Apple, a pourable fruit product that allows chefs to use the flavor of apples without having to prep fresh fruit. With a thick texture containing diced apples, Harvest Apple Fruit in Hand is made from Granny Smiths grown in the Pacific Northwest and is spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice.

3Oatmeal Made Simpler

Mylk Labs

Containing six ingredients 
or less, Mylk Labs’ 
Oatmeal Cups are filled with a roasted ground almond and oat base that imitates an almond milk texture when hot water is added. These vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO cups are sweetened with only five grams of coconut sugar.

4Just Desserts

Mona Lisa Chocolates

Mona Lisa Decoration’s Small Retro Cups feature a high-to-low edge and are 63 percent Cacao. Designed to be sturdy despite their small size, these chocolate cups are easy to use and elevate any dessert.

5Compact Cold Storage

EVO with Cold Storage

The Mobile Evo Cart with Cold Storage, 
made from aluminum and tubular and 
stainless steel, is fully equipped with ample 
cold storage to keep fresh ingredients ready. 
The cart also features an Evo cooktop so 
dishes can be prepared as well.

6Sustainable Sippin’

Sea-Straw Aluminum Straws

Sea-Straws are a new alternative to plastic, paper, glass, and stainless steel drinking straws. Sea-Straws are formed from Marine Grade aluminum 6063-T5, an aluminum alloy,
that is reef friendly, and also use metal-free dyes. The straws are dishwasher safe with a mild soap or steam rinse, contain no heavy metals, and can be engraved with company information.

7Oatmeal, but Fried

McCain Oatmeal Bites

McCain Foodservice has presented another way to prepare oatmeal: flash fried in under three minutes. New Oatmeal Bites, available in Apple Cinnamon and Maple Brown Sugar, are a fast and convenient way to serve breakfast. The frozen breakfast bites are made with authentic ingredients such as whole grain oats and real apple pieces.

8Sesame Snack

Tahini Bar

With only 100 calories, 
Absolutely Gluten 
Free’s new TahiniBAR 
is a portable sesame seed snack that offers many 
health benefits. The bars can help lower cholesterol, improve heart health, 
and boost energy levels. Available in three varieties, Cocoa Nibs, Pistachio, and Vanilla, TahiniBAR is sold 
in packs of seven.


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