Otelier Grows IntelliSight With New Software Functionalities

ATLANTA—Otelier released several new features and functionalities in its business intelligence software, IntelliSight, that allow more leaders across the hospitality business to make data-driven decisions. These advancements grow IntelliSight beyond a traditional business intelligence tool to a data platform that centralizes information from sources and systems across a business in real-time. Hotel leaders can have a greater depth of insights that will help them make smarter decisions, improving total profitability and driving efficiencies across hotel businesses.

“IntelliSight has been rebuilt on a modern, cloud architecture, leveraging best-in-class capabilities developed over several years,” says Niki Johnson, chief product officer at Otelier. “With a focus on integrations with the systems hoteliers rely on most, our team has spent countless development hours improving the capabilities, including normalizing data streams and upgrading the user interface, based on direct feedback from hotel owners and operators.”

Recent enhancements include:

  • New data integrations. Otelier has invested in revisiting each integration across its suite of products to ensure accurate delivery of hoteliers’ information. More than a dozen new integrations were built and deployed in the first half of 2024—across accounting, PMS, labor tracking, and guest satisfaction systems.
  • New revenue strategy dashboards. Revenue teams now have a comprehensive look at performance, including dashboards that display indicators like pace and pick up at the rate code, channel, and geography level. Expense data provides the ability to track revenue flowthrough and other profitability metrics, and revenue leaders can edit and create their dashboards with Power BI visualizations and filtering capabilities.
  • Integrated data health center. The revolutionary new data quality dashboard allows hoteliers to audit their hotel data quality, providing the ability to identify data loading issues by hotel and data source. Should a system go down, an integration fail, or any other data delivery issues, users will be alerted to the disconnect with the necessary information for a resolution.
  • Partner program. To ensure Otelier is serving up the right data that hoteliers rely on each day to make critical business decisions, the company has launched a partner program aimed at enriching relationships with data and software providers. Jennifer Mays, a seasoned product management executive with extensive experience nurturing partner relationships in B2B SaaS technology, has been appointed senior director of partner management.
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