Food and BeverageOmni Hotels and Resorts Launches New Cocktail Menu

Omni Hotels and Resorts Launches New Cocktail Menu

DALLAS—Omni Hotels and Resorts has debuted its new 2014 cocktail menu that features both classic cocktails and twists on tried and true signatures, such as the Moscow Mule and Rye Manhattan. The new menu rolled out at Omni properties in January.

“When we began developing this new Classic Cocktail program, it was our goal to create a menu that told a story to each of our guests,” said David Morgan, vice president of food and beverage for Omni Hotels & Resorts. “Perhaps that story is about the region they are visiting, perhaps it’s about a certain spirit or cocktail that they want to learn more about, or even a great classic cocktail that evokes a specific personal story or memory.”

Curated by renowned beverage mixologist Kim Hassarud, who has worked with Omni for five years, most recently for their award-winning poolside “Art of Water” cocktail program, the Classic Cocktail menu reflects the past, present, and future of cocktail culture. Guests can select from “Stirred Not Shaken” Martinis, “Whiskey or Rye” Manhattans, “With or Without Salt” Margaritas, along with interpretations of other cocktails that date back to the 19th century, while learning more about the history and evolution of those drinks over time.

As part of Omni’s mission to provide guests with selections tailored to each destination, the regional menus will also feature local beers in the “What’s Brewing” section, and “Homegrown” regionally-inspired cocktails created exclusively for Omni by Hassarud. Each of the five geographical regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Texas and West) will offer four cocktails—Gimlet, Collins, Old Fashioned, and Whiskey Sour.

Hotels in the Northeast menu features a Salted Gin Gimlet, Mr. John Collins, Black Walnut Old Fashioned, and Blackberry Whiskey Sour. The Southeast menu offers a Basil Peach Gimlet, Key Lime Collins, Tiki Old Fashioned, and White Whiskey Sour. The Midwest cocktail program includes a Lemon Poppy Gimlet, Collins Royale, Hops Old Fashioned and Blood Orange Whiskey Sour. The Texas offering is made up of a Salted Tequila Gimlet, Ruby Red Collins, Mole Old Fashioned and Whiskey Bock Sour. The West menu includes a Passion Fruit Gimlet, Sunshine Collins, Fig Old Fashioned and Black Cherry Whiskey Sour