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Hiring knowledgable staff is among 2020's hotel restaurant trends.

On the Menu: Five Hotel Restaurant Trends That Are Here to Stay

Bill Kohl knows what makes a successful hotel restaurant; after all, he and the other principals of Greenwood Hospitality Group have been creating hotel...
Old Fashioned - Cocktail Box Co.

DIY Drinks: Helping Guests Make Their Own Craft Cocktails

Hotel bars vary in design but are all similar in service, and minibars tend to provide the same options across the board. Combining external...
2019 Oscar Cocktails

Loews Hotels Creates Oscar-Inspired Cocktails To Celebrate This Year’s Best Picture Nominees

NEW YORK—This award season, Loews Hollywood Hotel and Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel are offering an Oscar-inspired cocktail menu to entice locals, travelers, and...

Kimpton’s 2018 Culinary Trends Forecast

Trying new foods is a top priority for many travelers when they're on the road. These diners are looking for meals that pique their...
The Langham Boston

The Langham Boston Puts a Fresh Twist on an Old Classic

When The Langham Boston began considering expanding its cocktail program, there was no question about which spirit best captured the iconic hotel’s history and...