TechnologyMeyer Jabara Hotels Offers IT Services and Support Across its Portfolio and Beyond

Meyer Jabara Hotels Offers IT Services and Support Across its Portfolio and Beyond

Meyer Jabara Hotels (MJH) took on the role of technology support, help desk, and implementation for its portfolio of 32 hotels and other properties needing IT assistance on a project basis. To enable guests and staff to communicate, the hotel owner and third-party manager will design, procure, install, certify, and monitor each property’s network infrastructure. In addition, MJH will work to ensure cybersecurity and provide data backup/recovery and help desk support.

“It’s been said that 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal; that means, when we communicate, only 7 percent of all shared information is actually getting through,” said Ted Jabara, regional vice president and technology team leader, Meyer Jabara Hotels. “As a multi-property, multi-brand hotel owner/operator, our responsibility is to make sure that when we communicate through technology, the transmitted information is delivered consistently and with the highest quality. Only a well-designed network can ensure that efficient, secure, and reliable connectivity will make verbal communications actionable for everyone. With the internal capacity, certifications, and industry knowledge to build a proper network ourselves, we saw value in supporting managed IT as an additional service.”

MJH will oversee the various components and systems that enable connectivity, data management, and communication at its hotels, including:

  • Physical Infrastructure: Cabling, Switches, Routers, and Access Points
  • Network Segmentation: Guest Network, Staff Network, IoT, and Operational Network
  • Internet Connectivity: ISP Services, Bandwidth Management
  • Supporting Security Measures: Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS and Access Control)
  • Management and Monitoring: Network Management Software, Logging, and Analytics, Remote Management
  • Key Services and Applications: PMS, VoIP, Entertainment Systems, POS, and Reservation Systems
  • Redundancy and Reliability: Backup Systems and Failover Mechanisms
  • Compliance and Regulations: Data Protection Regulations and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

“Managing a hotel network is not an easy task,” Jabara said. “There is a lot happening behind the scenes that can take a hotel off the grid if not properly supported or maintained. Therefore, we have assembled a team of highly skilled IT professionals capable of designing, implementing, and interconnecting all IT systems in a hotel. We also have the certifications required by the brands to do the work. Whether a property is in a pre-opening, construction, or renovation phase, this group will keep each hotel connected to its customers and to corporate, and we will provide periodic system updates as required.”

Meyer Jabara Hotels will also maintain the help desk for properties. While the services team resides at the company’s corporate office in Danbury, Connecticut, it will appear to each hotel as if it has an in-house specialist for any connected system on the network. In addition, the company can provide consulting and implementation with regard to pre-open/conversion design and PIP-related upgrades.

“We will ensure that our hotels are 100 percent operational, 100 percent of the time,” Jabara said. “Our help desk is comprised of well-seasoned hospitality professionals who understand how hotels and their interconnected systems work. These people are familiar with the brands and with the tech side of service. Most help desks don’t know the intricacies of hotel technology and how systems connect and why. Without this skillset, it can cost owners a bundle not just in fees, but in lost business.”