Three Ways to Engender Buy-In from Employees on Sustainable Practices

Montage International founder, chairman, and chief executive officer Alan J. Fuerstman has the following suggestions for implementing and maintaining sustainable practices that engender buy-in from employees, the surrounding community, and guests.

Start with a commitment from the top.
“Making it work depends on the leadership and ideas of associates at all levels, but it starts with the CEO. When our associates see we are concerned and share in their passion for the environment, it encourages the kind of creative thinking that gets results.”

Create an environment that enables passionate associates to take the lead.
“The environmental impact committees at our hotels have led to success in landfill diversion, environmentally aware purchasing practices, and methods that reduce water consumption and the amount of chemicals used in our laundries.”

Make environmental responsibility and stewardship part of your brand.
“We don’t do it for marketing; we just think it’s the right way to operate a business. Still, we have been really excited about some of the recognition we’ve received.”



Photo: Montage International Laguna Beach Resort 

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