IDeaS Releases New Consulting Offerings

Profit growth - June 2019

MINNEAPOLIS—IDeaS, a SAS company, a provider of revenue management software and services, has mobilized its global team of technology experts, change agents, and profit drivers with a focus on sharing experience and knowledge to hospitality and parking clients for organizational transformation and to maximize revenue and commercial potential.

The new IDeaS Consulting offerings leverage the team’s global reach to provide:

  • Strategic Product Consulting—Drives optimal technology usage and guides the adoption and integration of IDeaS’ solutions into business strategies to enhance performance outcomes and return on investment.
  • Organizational and Transformational Consulting—Bolsters organizational change readiness and revenue capabilities through change management, organizational culture, and commercial strategic consultation.
  • Commercial Performance Center—Outsources revenue, distribution, and marketing support with commercial services that look beyond revenue management alone to drive commercial success.

Scott Eitelberg, chief operating officer, Settlers Hospitality, said, “It’s been a seamless, easy process working with the IDeaS team. Our industry consultant has worked with us pre-and post-implementation to help us recognize and break some habits, better utilize our new technology, and drive a cultural shift in how we approach our revenue optimization strategies.”


Digna Kolar, director, IDeaS Consulting, said, “You may be ready for change, but is your organization? With IDeaS Consulting, our world-class dream team has evolved to better meet the needs of our clients in a fast-changing world. Leading hotels have embraced the virtues of automation and data-driven decision-making like never before, but it takes more than implementing the best software to make it happen. Commercial transformation is truly possible when hospitality businesses have formally aligned their people, processes, and technology. Our mission is to help our clients prepare for that transformation, adapt to new environments, and unlock new opportunities for growth.”

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