Hotel Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

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Hotel bathrooms have come a long way from plain, white spaces used merely for wash and go. After all, they are among the most important rooms in our living areas. Their design, layout, and overall look have changed and improved dramatically over the past years to become spaces for stylish comfort and relaxation as we prepare our clean, fragrant, and refreshed selves for our busy lives waiting outside. Just as a hot bath or shower can be calming, bathrooms can be antidotes for our stressful modern lives.

When planning a bathroom interior design or renovation to the space, hotel owners should consider the following themes and styles that are trending in 2017.

Geometric Tiles and Natural Materials
Trendy bathrooms are incorporating geometric tiles with bright lines into architectural and structural elements to inspire a variation of geometrical shapes. Interior designers say that 2017 will also mark a return to organic and natural materials.

Think Green
Inspired by recent design shifts towards organic and natural, more hoteliers are including green, living plants in bathrooms to create fashionable ambiance and a beautiful touch. Plants liven up any room and add pops of color that bring balance to an overall look.


Minimalistic Designs and Classic Finishes
Minimalist bathrooms never go out of style. Interior designers say that when it comes to size, shape, and composition, bathrooms are trending towards smaller and more private spaces. More compact tubs, showers, and sinks are becoming more preferable, not only for a better fit in smaller urban spaces, but also to introduce a sense of restrained elegance and intimacy. Classic finishes bring nature back into living spaces. Wood, among others, is definitely making a design comeback.

Darker Colors
Simple, dark colors are in style in 2017. From grey to black, these tones denote cleanliness and minimalism. When used for walls and tiles, they exude luxury and relaxation.

Brass is In
Hues of gold and rust that were once classics in the 1970s are returning this 2017 with brass colors, metal accents, and fixtures. Brass may just become the new most fashionable metal for bathrooms. And when combined with the nobility of marble, this becomes one irresistible composition.

Exposed Plumbing
Exposed plumbing pipes that create an industrial and minimalist feel will remain in style in 2017. While the idea isn’t new, it does add fresh interest to keep a bathroom from looking overly sterile.

Unexpected storage
One can never have too many storage spaces, let alone the bathroom. Typical layouts include a single small vanity and sometimes a medicine cabinet. As people use more tools and equipment inside bathrooms, the need for storage and counter space is increasing. One of this year’s foreseeable trends is the rise of clever storage spaces that take guests by surprise. To make the most of bathroom vanities, include multiple drawers instead of just a single open space. There are also several options for built-in organizers that allow guests to keep everything where it’s handy.

Incorporating some of these bathroom design trends will help hotel owners keep their guestrooms and spaces looking fresh, modern, and clean.

About the Author
James Coleman is the Senior Director of Relations and Business Development at Luxury Commercial Bath.

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