Five Guest F&B Preferences

guest F&B preferences

Late last year, Seven Rooms, a hospitality platform that combines operations, marketing, and guest engagement tools, released its Checking In For F&B report. The study, which was conducted with third-party research firm YouGov, did a deep dive into guest F&B preferences around hotel restaurants and bars. Below are five major takeaways.

1Freebies matter

51 percent of respondents would be more inclined to book with a hotel that includes a complimentary drink or meal upon arrival.

2Attract locals

26 percent of Americans think hotels should engage more with locals through their bars and restaurants.

3All-night options

31 percent of travelers are looking for 24-hour room service.

4Pile on the points

32 percent of respondents were more likely to book a hotel (for the first time or for a return visit) if it offered loyalty rewards for hotel restaurants or bars.

5Be accommodating

34 percent of those polled wanted a variety of food options for dietary preferences and restrictions.



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