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EVEN Hotels’ Restaurant Creates Health-Conscious Menu

IHG’s wellness and lifestyle brand, EVEN Hotels, was designed to help guests maintain their wellness routine while on the road to help them better transition from their home routine to their travel routine. As part of that goal, the brand launched a signature restaurant, Cork & Kale, with a nutritional menu developed to help guests stay on their wellness routine while traveling.

The brand focuses on wellness as a whole—whether guests are looking to rest, keep active, balance nutrition, or maximize productivity. The hotels offer infused filtered water upon arrival and healthy grab-and-go options such as prepared salads and sandwiches and cold-pressed juice and smoothies. To further help guests eat well on the road, the brand created an upscale, fast-casual restaurant—Cork & Kale.

Cork & Kale provides made-to-order breakfast and dinner options with a menu that balances health-conscious and indulgent items for guests on the go, whether they need to fuel up for a long day of meetings, power a workout, or relax with a cocktail. Menu items range from the light chopped Cobb salad—which has some less traditional toppings like turkey bacon, edamame, goat cheese, and avocado—to a Margherita pizza and indulgent desserts like a pineapple coconut cake and a chocolate bundt cake with raspberry sauce, chocolate frosting, and fresh berries.

Cork & Kale’s bars have a selection of beer and wine as well as hand-crafted cocktails that are made with fresh herbs, muddled fruit, natural mixers, and organic spirits—like the Cranberry Orange Elixir made with Chandon Brut, freshly squeezed orange juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate grenadine, and fresh lime juice. The menu emphasizes variety, with full-service, dine-in meals available as well as quicker options like breakfast sandwiches and pastries that are stocked in the Grab-and-Go marketplace.

While wellness brands have been growing more popular in hospitality, EVEN Hotels was a first to enter the space when it launched in 2012. In the last year alone, brand the brand has doubled its portfolio size. Over the next few years, EVEN Hotels properties are slated to open in Seattle, Eugene, Pittsburgh, Miami, and Atlanta with plans to expand internationally to New Zealand, Australia, and China in the coming years as well.

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