Eco-Safe Machine Digests Food Waste

It seems as though going green will never go out of style. Hoteliers have embraced sustainability practices such as limiting energy and water use, installing electric vehicle chargers, and more. Getting a handle on food waste management is another way to be more environmentally friendly. By processing food through a digester, kitchens can keep scraps out of the landfill.

“The hospitality industry consumes a large volume of food and beverage through in-house restaurants, catering, buffets, and guestroom services, making the industry a significant contributor to the more than 34 million tons of food waste sent to landfills each year,” says Frank E. Celli, chief operating officer of BioHitech America. After food is tossed into his company’s Eco-Safe Digester, the waste is transformed into a nutrient neutral known as “grey-water,” which is then safely transported through sewer lines.