TechnologyDataDuetto Announces New Revenue Optimization Product

Duetto Announces New Revenue Optimization Product

SAN FRANCISCO—Duetto released its revenue optimization product, Duetto Advance, at ITB Berlin. With event demand intelligence ingested from PredictHQ, the introduction of Advance advances Duetto’s products in revenue management tech.

“Duetto Advance enables hotel revenue teams to optimize rates in real-time, using clean, usable data delivered in a visually actionable dashboard customizable to your revenue strategy needs. This is truly an industry first for our field,” said Darren Koch, chief product officer, Duetto. “In today’s ever-changing market, real-time analytics that ingests market data as it happens is vital for hotels to complete and lead their markets.”


The Duetto/PredictHQ integration provides event-related market intelligence, enabling revenue teams to be proactive about what is happening in their markets, taking decisions on pricing and restrictions, and optimizing operations.

“By incorporating intelligent event data into Duetto’s revenue management platform, we are unlocking a new way for businesses to make data-driven pricing decisions that optimize revenue and enhance customer experiences ahead of surges in demand. By using enriched event data to surface relevant, impactful events, it enables them to optimize and make calculated decisions around pricing in advance to match real-world conditions. Our system not only collects, enriches, and verifies millions of events every year, but it also provides sophisticated features which companies like Duetto can leverage to paint a complete picture of demand,” said Campbell Brown, co-founder and CEO, PredictHQ.

Dynamic Optimization

Provides real-time monitoring of market conditions to ensure pricing is responsive. With signal detection based on live booking activity, Duetto Advance can target situations where there is a change in demand, resulting in an opportunity to raise prices to capture the profit opportunity.


Enables hotels to see property and portfolio performance via a dashboard focused on current and forward-looking data points across the guest journey. This multi-property management portal will guide directors of sales, operations, and revenue management to focus on what matters.

Duetto Advance is an addition to Duetto GameChanger. GameChanger helps hotels increase booking revenues and profits. It lets hotels sharpen revenue management strategies through technology and methodology. Duetto Advance will become available to Duetto users in the summer of 2023.

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