Finance & DevelopmentFinanceDespite RevPAR Increase, TrevPAR Drops for Dallas Hotels in June

Despite RevPAR Increase, TrevPAR Drops for Dallas Hotels in June

Dallas hotels recorded a 2.4 percent increase in RevPAR to $110.21 in June as a result of increases in both volume and price, according to the latest worldwide poll of full-service hotels by HotStats. However, tumbling non-rooms revenues, which included a 12.8 percent decline in food and beverage revenue, canceled out the increase in RevPAR and led to a 1.3 percent drop in TrevPAR, to $162.17.

While hotels in Dallas were able to record a 0.3 percentage point saving in labor costs to 32 percent of total revenue, it was not sufficient to offset the drop in revenue. And as a result, profit per room at hotels fell by 4.3 percent to $58.03.

This was the lowest GOPPAR level recorded at hotels in Dallas so far in 2018 and equivalent to a profit conversion of 35.8 percent of total revenue.


Profit & Loss Key Performance Indicators – Dallas
June 2018 vs. June 2017

RevPAR: +2.4% to $110.21
TrevPAR: -1.3% to $162.17
Payroll: -0.3 pts to 32.0%
GOPPAR: -4.3% to $58.03

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