Culling the Creepy Crawlies

When it comes to running a hotel, ensuring guest comfort is paramount to the entire experience. There are any number of issues that could cause discomfort, but one of the most visceral is a pest problem. Eliminating an infestation is expensive and high-stress, so preventing them from even happening is key for hoteliers. Patricia Hottel, technical director with McCloud Services, a company that offers pest management solutions, says that there are many steps a hotelier can take to head off an infestation, but highlights these as her top three:

The employee connection. “Lots of pests—like bedbugs or German cockroaches, for example—could come into a facility on employee possessions. Monitoring the areas where employees leave personal items, such as a break room or lockers, is important to prevent the introduction of pests.”

Dumpster dive. “Everyone knows that dumpsters and dumpster compactors can be a source of pest attraction, but it’s important the degree to which this is true. Especially if the dumpster box is removed and emptied somewhere off-site, mice can hitch a ride back from where the waste is being dumped. Also, if the dumpster isn’t cleaned properly, it can attract flies, which could get inside.”


Shut the door. “Doors need to be well maintained and kept shut. There are always people coming in and out of a hotel, but making sure the door seals properly and isn’t left propped open when not in use will prevent pest access to the building.”