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person holding a fist over a hotel front-desk bell

On-Property De-escalation: Guidelines for Dealing With Agitated Guests

The vast majority of risks to hotel security are posed by unruly guests or patrons of the hotel bar who have had one too...
Skills shortage - hospitality labor

Recruiting and Keeping Qualified Hospitality Employees

Hospitality is one of the oldest industries, one that has continued to thrive because hoteliers understand and embrace the need to innovate, evolve, and...
Incident Reports

The Importance of Incident Reports in Hospitality

The things that can and do go wrong in a hotel can be the stuff of lawsuits and worse, so it behooves hotel management...
Property Improvement Plans - to PIP or Flip?

To PIP or Flip? The Costs, Benefits of Property Improvement Plans

Hoteliers whose portfolios are mostly composed of branded hotels are familiar with the ins and outs of property improvement plans (PIPs). These PIPs are...

Navigating Fair Wages

Signed into law in 1938, the first federal minimum wage was just $0.25 per hour. Since then minimum wage has steadily risen to keep...