Cloud5 Communications Rolls Out Mitel Subscription

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CHICAGO—Cloud5 Communications announced the rollout of its Mitel Subscription offering. The Mitel Subscription offering allows hotels to experience a cloud-based PBX system. Through this offering, properties can tailor their telecommunications to the business needs and goals of their property through Cloud5-supported Mitel products and applications.

This offering also allows hotels to select the commercial framework that works for the specific economic realities of their business. Customers can choose a CAPEX, OPEX, or a hybrid model. This economic flexibility removes barriers to entry and lets hotels make changes to their telecommunications systems at the point of need.

Additionally, Cloud5’s Mitel Subscription offering includes access to the company’s engineering, project management, installation, and support teams.

“We all know that a successful hotel business includes solid technologies and systems that support guest and staff communication and engagement—telecommunications systems are a critical part of this,” said Beth Milano, senior vice president of sales and commercial development at Cloud5 Communications. “Cloud5’s Mitel Subscription offering allows hoteliers to adapt new telecommunication solutions and services that fit the parameters and goals of their business—including design, product selection, and payment. We look forward to providing the hotel industry with an easier and more effective approach to telecommunications that promises improved efficiency, lower operating expenses, and an enhanced ability to elevate guest experiences.”


Cloud5-supported Mitel products and applications contained in this offering include:

  • MiContact Center
  • Mitel Border Gateway
  • MiVoice Business Console
  • Mitel Business Reporter
  • Cloud5 e911
  • Cloud5 SIP
  • SD-WAN w/4g LTE Failover
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