survey results - customer experience

Getting the Most Out of Online Survey Results

Surveys are useful tools for gauging what guests are feeling. The results can notify hoteliers of new problems as they arise and highlight areas...

Hotels Elevate Guest Experience With Resort Amenities

Unlike hotels, which often see guests check in and check out in less than 24 hours, resorts are tasked with creating a positive guest...

The Value of Tiered Hotel Loyalty Programs

Tiered loyalty programs create ways for hotels to utilize guest data and deploy targeted outreach efforts that build long-term customer commitment.
Guest Feedback

Six Missteps to Avoid When Capturing and Actioning Guest Feedback

In today's economy, consumers are highly informed and offer loyalty to brands with certain expectations for communication between brands and their customers. In this...

Mayflower Hotel Gears Up for Election

Washington, D.C.—Next to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, the Mayflower Hotel at 1127 Connecticut Ave NW is the capital city’s most politically charged address. Host...