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5 Gadgets to Enhance the Guest Stay

Hoteliers are always quick to employ new technology to help smooth operations and serve guests. Technology also can be used to help hotels standout from the crowd. While technology like free Wi-Fi and on-demand...

What Should Your Hotel Know About Generation Z?

Time waits for no man, and just as soon as we think we’re getting a handle on what millennials want, a new buzzword starts to crop up in conversation: “Generation Z.” Trying to define an...

Technology That Will Take Over in 2016

This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show had some big reveals in terms of what’s on the technology horizon, including the latest on droids and cars. But most importantly, it showcased numerous products that could...

360-Degree Video Trend Catches on with Hotels

In the past several months, major social sites such as YouTube and Facebook have rolled out support for 360-degree videos, a new media type that promises increased engagement and immersion. For savvy marketers in...

Lobby Renaissance: High-Tech, Multi-Use Spaces

The design and function of hotel lobbies have changed with time. A century ago, the lobby was a place to gather and be seen. Following World War II, the space became little more than...