BWHSM Hotels Redefines Extended Stay With @HOME by Best Western


With the growth of the extended stay segment into 2024, the industry is quickly responding to consumer demand. BWH Hotels introduced its @HOME by Best Western brand in 2022 and has built a robust pipeline of more than 30 new-build hotels.

Options Not Mandates

@HOME by Best Western was designed with a key principle—options, not mandates. “We know that extended stay is an important market segment and there is tremendous demand for more options in this category”, says Brad LeBlanc, senior vice president, chief development officer, BWH Hotels. “@HOME by Best Western is redefining the extended-stay segment with a compelling new approach that is flexible and user-friendly.”

In collaboration with its current hoteliers, BWH Hotels developed @HOME by Best Western to be innovative and fresh, but also streamlined and efficient. The adaptable design parameters ensure that hoteliers can make decisions tailored to their location and guests’ needs.

Lean Prototypes

Current BWH hoteliers stressed the importance of not overbuilding, which has resulted in designs that prioritize essential amenities while reducing excess. With a lean prototype, owners can enjoy a credible return on investment that still delivers strong guest satisfaction. 


Also compelling is the efficient labor model that is required to operate a @HOME by Best Western property. Labor costs have been significant over the past few years and show no signs of letting up. In contrast to high-manpower hotels, a streamlined and efficient @HOME by Best Western model allows for effective operations with fewer total employees.

Sponsored by Best Western. For more information, contact Brad LeBlanc, senior vice president and chief development officer, BWH Hotels.

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