TechnologyTech-Focused: Nine New Hotel Tech Announcements

Tech-Focused: Nine New Hotel Tech Announcements

Hotel technology providers are on the cusp of helping the industry recover from the trials caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. By partnering with like-minded companies, releasing new integrations, and creating entirely new product lines, hotel technology providers can enable a tech-based recovery. Below are nine new hotel technology announcements that impact the hotel industry:


Beekeeper announced a full-scale integration with EduMe to improve organization productivity and employee retention. With the EduMe integration, Beekeeper introduces a suite of in-app training functionalities designed for non-desk workers, signaling a paradigm shift in the way frontline-majority organizations have traditionally managed employee development and onboarding programs.


BlueZoo announced BlueFox 2022, a next-generation solution to measure the presence and movement of people. BlueFox 2022 delivers a new integrated data warehouse, powerful new analytics dashboards, advanced user roles, and a mobile application to accelerate sensor calibration, making it recognize insights about people, movement, and crowds. BlueFox 2022 is GDPR-certified.

Breeze Technology

Breeze Technology is bringing its visually led QR-code menu platform to hotels for room service operations. The system is currently available at select hotels in New York City, New Jersey, and Florida. Breeze can work at all hotels, whether they currently operate their own restaurant, have an existing room service offering, or don’t offer any dining at all. Breeze partners with local restaurants to become third-party room service providers for hotels without on-site dining.


Hytera launched the H-Series Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) product family to deliver its next-generation of digital communications capabilities. Comprised of handheld two-way radios, vehicle-mounted mobile radios, and repeaters (base stations), the H-Series features a brand-new technical platform and redefines the user interface of two-way radios. The H-Series can be deployed in a wide variety of analog and digital radio networks.


Knowland enhanced its platform with the Estimated Revenue Calculator (ERC), designed to help hotels prioritize sales efforts based on the total account revenue potential of sales leaders. The ERC calculates the total estimated revenue of accounts associated with booking opportunities, featuring detailed spending by revenue category, to streamline sales decisions for optimal revenue, and profitability.


Matterport announced Matterport Axis, a motorized mount that works with a smartphone to capture 3D digital twins of any physical space with increased speed, precision, and consistency. From homes to offices, hotels, rentals, retail locations, and factory floors, Matterport Axis can charge 3D capture using just a smartphone. With Axis, the company aims to digitally transform to a digitized space.


myDigitalOffice received a strategic investment from Cove Hill Partners to support the company in its next phase of growth. The investment from Cove Hill will position myDigitalOffice to continue its strong growth trajectory and leadership. Cove Hill’s financial commitment will support product innovation and development, enabling myDigitalOffice to expand its product and feature set to provide value to hotel owners, managers, and brands.


PPDS announced a new strategic partnership with Key Digital to bring new levels of support to bars and restaurants in the way they manage and control their AV solutions for customer experiences and business opportunities. The new partnership with Key Digital represents the latest evolution of the company’s strategy by combining its display technology with other third-party solutions.


SiteMinder and Hopper have partnered together to bring the benefits of online commerce and travel fintech to scale. The partnership will see SiteMinder’s more than 33,000 hotels reach modern travelers by directly accessing Hoppers users