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Hotel bedding, linens

TRSA Releases Guidelines for Cleaning and Handling Hotel Linens

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — TRSA has launched a campaign to control COVID-19’s spread by promoting responsible linen, uniform, and facility services practices. State and local...

Trendspotting: Optimizing Hotel Laundry

Katie Hurley, a principal chemist at water, hygiene, and energy technologies and services provider Ecolab, offers these three tips for optimizing energy usage in...
Hotel bedding, linens

Clean Tech: How Technology Is Changing Hotel Linens

Richard Ferrell, founder and president of Pürlin, LLC, wasn’t especially tuned into water issues when he lived in Florida. It wasn’t until the longtime...
Towels, laundry

Comparing European and American Hotel Laundry Models

When U.S. travelers stay at European hotels, they may notice a few differences: the room and bed sizes may vary from what they're typically...

What Hotels Can Learn From How Hospitals Do Laundry

Hospitals and hotels have a lot in common: a demanding and increasingly well-informed clientele; a large hierarchy of workers with varying levels of responsibility;...